Melk Kremz and Spitz tour!

"No LED sits on my room’s main wall,  
A 5D world map sits on the same wall,

With a list of 10 countries to go to next,

So, I could wade away from my nest,

While at number ten is Australia,

At number one is Austria."

Austria has been a country on the top of my wishlist. The top spot has always been a tie between Austria and Croatia, but the later still is untouched in my bucket. When I started planning Austria, the three places I was sure and most heard of were Vienna, Hallstatt, and Salzburg. Be that as it may, I so needed to visit a couple of Austrian towns in Lower Austria. And then, started a marathon of reading articles, websites, etc. and Wachau Valley was my finding. Wachau Valley is an Austrian valley on the western side of the nation with a beautiful scene shaped by the Danube River. It is a stretch of the Danube valley between the two towns - Melk and Krems. It jams in an unblemished and obvious structure numerous follows - as far as engineering (religious communities, mansions, ruins), urban plan (towns and towns), and farming use, chiefly for the development of vines its advancement since ancient occasions. What's more, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and why not? 

How to reach the Valley and explore villages:

We did a day visit from Vienna to Wachau Valley. While there were various courses accessible by means of transport, voyage, or vehicle enlist, we favored taking a train. In the wake of going through hours exploring the most ideal approach to Wachau Valley, we discovered that we could take a train from Vienna to Melk and back to Vienna from Krems. There are direct trains if you book via the OBB website. While I had utilized Omio for the majority of my movement in Europe yet for this situation, OBB was the best site to book nearby trains in Vienna. Get a day ticket rather to give you the adaptability of boarding another train in the event that you miss your train since we missed our own. Be that as it may, the booking community at the Vienna train station helped us get to another train planned 30mins later. 

We had booked a train from Vienna to Melk and return from Kremz to Vienna. According to the arrangement, we needed to cover towns among Melk and Krems extended over Wachau Valley. We picked up a bus time table from the Tourist Information Centre in Melk. The time table helped us plan our neighborhood travel between towns in Wachau valley. 

Towns to visit in Wachau Valley: 

There are numerous dazzling towns, yet we picked four since we had just a day. In the event that you have a day, at that point, I recommend visiting Melk, Spitz, Durnstein, and Kremz. On the off chance that you have additional time and one more day, I suggest including Wei├čenkirchen in der Wachau and Emmersdorf a der Donau. 


Melk is a beautiful and history enhanced Austrian town on the River Danube in the lower portion of Austria. Melk Abbey is the principal thing that ought to be on your rundown while visiting Melk.

It is one of the most unmistakable and most lovely European Baroque outfits on the head of a Rocky slope and is the point of convergence of the town. It is additionally one of the UNESCO world legacy destinations as a result of the history going back to 1089. Since Roman times, Melk played an essential role in the Danube area. The cliff where the abbey presently stands was the seat of the Babenberg's administration that controlled Austria from the tenth century to the late thirteenth century. In the eleventh century, Leopold II of Babenberg introduced the castle at Melk to Benedictine priests, who transformed it into an invigorated convent. Its impact and notoriety as a focal point of learning and culture were spreading all through Austria. In the mid-eighteenth century, Abbot Berthold Dietmayr and his modelers Jakob Prandtauer and Joseph Munggenast manufactured a consecrated castle upon the establishments of the medieval cloister. 

I have a special place in my heart for old landmarks and culture, and it was a hypnotizing experience for me to visit Melk Abbey. The move to Abbey's peak was exceptionally profound to me. For the most part, peaceful and quiet outside and drowned in an altogether extraordinary world inside is the thing that I was while visiting this wonderful spot. I can endlessly gaze at the dividers, entryways, roof, floor, and the photos in historical centers, royal residences, or landmarks. 

Pictures from Melk 

In the wake of savoring a yummy neighborhood brew from a lovely truck selling Austrian lager, we boarded the local bus from an effectively locatable bus stop to Spitz. 

I was awestruck en route to Spitz by the excellent and narrow paths in the middle of the towns. Furthermore, to twofold the hypnotizing and thoughtful experience, the rain began pouring and Oh. What do I say about the magnificence of our drive-in Wachau Valley? 


Nature is the best healer and furthermore, the best friend on this excursion called life. We began strolling around the town and the Danube riverside. A couple of locales worth exploring- Burgruine Aggstein, Hinterhaus Castle, Rollfahre Arnsdorf-Spitz, and Schloss Spitz are my picks for Spitz's fast in and out. 

Pictures from Spitz

To wrap things up, Krems

Krems a der Donau is a little town in Austria that ascents well over its weight as far as touring and history is concerned. We explored the roads of Krems with the assistance of a map picked up at the tourist information center. The locales to visit were unmistakably referenced on the guide.


The significant sites we managed to cover during our time in Krems were -Steiner Tor, Kunsthalle Krems, Winzer Krems, the major highlight of our time spent in Krems was the local vineyards. In the event that you are in Krems, definitely, if it's not too much trouble investigate the nearby wineries. They are a treat to visit and an encounter worth breathing into. The tourist information center can help with the recommendations.

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