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Yes, we are now going to talk about some shopping, some real shopping experience. 
I was told by an Italian friend that if you want to buy leather jackets and boots, Rome❤ is the place.Famous and popular all over the world for its awe-inspiring art, vibrant culture and one of a kind architecture, Rome is possibly one of the chicest cities. The chaos, the unusual elegance, and the decay found in every nook and corner of the city is home to designer boutiques, vintage wonderlands, and proficient artisans that have taken the shoppers by storm, me included, by their unique creations.
Here’s a list of places I visited in Rome that woke the shopper in me and forced me to buy stuff:
1.       The Spanish Steps and Via Condotti
The area around The Spanish Steps and Via Condotti is a designer den in true sense where Prada sunglasses, Gucci handbags, and Jimmy Choo footwear and other designer boutiques are present. Glistening chandeliers and beautiful window displays lured the shopper in me while I window shopped quite a few things from the stores. Whether you end up buying a dazzling piece for yourself or look in amazement at the glittery glasses, it is worth spending an evening with the celebrities and other moguls of Rome.
2.      Rome’s pop up markets
The legendary Rome markets encompass a selection of the finest flea markets, craft markets, book markets, antique markets, and food markets. No matter your disposition, there’s something for everyone. Walking and wandering through the maze of these artisan stalls and other pop up stores was possibly my favourite pass time activity only second to indulging in authentic Italian food. Turn up early at Borghetto Flamino flea market or at the splendid La Soffitta Sotto I Portici to get the best bargain.
3.      Marini
Marini is the Mecca of leatherwear. Celebrated all around the globe, Italy’s leatherwear is superlative in form and nature. Rome depicts this with a certain degree of authority through its crop of leatherworkers, shoemakers, and designers. The tiny shop has been run by the same Marini family for decades creating the most luxurious footwear in Rome. Book an appointment to join the likes of Robert De Niro, Marcello Mastroianni and Gregory Peck as one of their esteemed customers.
4.      Campo de Fiori
Those eyes will light up and mouth will start salivating at just the mere sight of Campo de Fiori farmers market that is filled with gastronomic delights. Gourmet Italian cheese, piles of fresh and exotic fruits and vegetables, and cold cuts of ham – dreams are made up of sights like these. Interesting souvenirs such as locally made limoncello, the healthy olive oil from the local cuisine, and truffle-infused soils are great picks.
5.      Via Del Governo Vecchio
The historic street is flourished by cave style stores that are home to outstanding value finds available at bargain prices. Brimming with character and authenticity, the small stores are lined with pretty, intriguing old doors that are packed with piles of showpieces and souvenirs. Apart from that, you’ll find 1960s Jeans, 1940s hats, 1980s records and other vintage stuff.
6.      Via dei Coronary
History buffs will love this place. The cobbled slabs of the Renaissance Street attract visitors from far and wide. A perfect location for a stroll, I tried to absorb and soak up the Rome’s ancient architecture and atmosphere. Filled with fabulous antique stores, most of the shops date back to 1500s or earlier and the old jewellery inside these shops might be even older.

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