The Lofoten Islands! yes exactly the same lofoten islands

Yep! We will now verbalize about the Lofoten Islands, minus the Northern lights. But does that ruin the delectation of visiting the Lofoten? Nah! well, without inditing an exorbitant magnitude to justify, I will let pictures do the verbalizing. “Wondering why to visit Norway?” the editors asked. Norway is a once in a lifetime destination and probably one of the most stunning landscapes in the world, genuinely spectacular nature with mountains plunging into the sea from hundreds of meters, fjords, tall mountain peaks, northern lights, and midnight sun.
  Day 1: 
I conclusively reach Fredvang. Pulchritudinous like its denomination. How can I forget it is the best village in Lofoten after Reine and Ai village? I boarded a bus from the Svolvaer bus station( with the avail of an accommodating taxi driver) to Fredvang Sentrum. And my Airbnb property owner was nice enough to pick me up from the Fredvang Sentrum station. They welcomed me with a comely note and an upgraded room with a pleasing view.
 I recall these beautiful words with coffee in my hands;
Amongst the leaves and trees with soft glittering sun beam; 
Pour down in the morning with crystal golden light; 
Which was my first time to taste a nature's smell? 
I have never had the same experience before. 
The golden beam of the morning sun stimulated me lovely 
Awoken with soft sight came into my eyes; 
The beam was so attracting me wanted to see its origin; 
Red and yellow was mixed shining through the beams. - by Albert Wong

  Day 2: 
Exploring the Fredvang village:
There is a long-standing custom of receptiveness here, transparency while accepting guests, transparency towards news from a remote place. Experienced genealogists verbally express that old censuses from Lofoten do an invigorating perusing in light of the fact that, over the past couple of hundred years, such a generous extent of the populace has moved here from different areas.
Individuals peregrinated here from the north and the south, from fjords and valleys–and from different nations. Lofoten has gotten visiting fishers, craftsmen, vendors, and travelers, and Lofoteners have set out on ventures, besides, taking their fish with them. This has given late contacts and beginning driving forces. For the most part, this movement and stream of individuals were run of the mill of the brumal months. Today, the critical deluge of guests comes during summer, making up an early and thrilling part throughout the entire existence of Lofoten. The essential movement, notwithstanding, still happens throughout the winter, when the cod show up.
   Day 3:  
Climb up Kvalvika seashore: 
Locate no cleared ambulating streets and no motels en route. Be that as it may, that is exactly what we Norwegians like, to get proximate to undisturbed nature. So ambulating here is more difficult than in different nations yet fulfilling. All climbing is on your danger, so fare thee well and don't go proximate to bluff edges or different risky segments.

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