Welcome Svolvaer - the most developed city in Northern Norway

Well! to start with, my experience at Svolvaer airport was pretty shocking if not bad. Small airport with your luggage dumped at luggage collection place( wierd!!). It is almost like the airport staff telling you 'Go find your luggage, it is not our responsibility' :). So, I managed to drag my big suitcase out of the mess and managed to grab a taxi to reach Svolvaer city centre. After too much of hassles finding my airbnb apartment I managed to get inside it and sigh! it was big, beautiful and 'oh-so gorgeous view from my window' deal.

Here is a link to my Svolvaer City airbnb property: https://www.airbnb.co.in/rooms/17390157
Use my code and be eligible for discount on your booking:  www.airbnb.co.in/c/ekktar1

Svolvaer is known for its Harbour, fjords and best views of the Arctic Sea. So, I thought about giving it a shot by getting myself on one of the ship for a full day Private tour. Got the bookings done at the Svolvaer Tourist Information centre, right opposite to the Svolvaer harbour. this full day shop private tour costed me 799 NOk which included full day sea safari, tea/coffe and fishing ;)

Svolvaer Harbour

And now I begin with my Sea safari in the Arctic Sea. To start with few pictures of the ship, fjords during my full day excursion.

Hurtingruten approaching us

Sea eagles feeding. I can say that this was the best part of the safari. The ship crew fed fresh fishes to the sea eagles and everything around was gorgeous.

And finally, it was time to head to the Lofoten via Svolvaer airport. Not to miss bad services and infra come into picture again at the Svolvaer airport.


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